HAND CLEANERS  I  Purple Power® heavy-duty hand cleaners.

Purple Power®

Heavy-Duty Orange Hand Cleaner

A powerful hand cleaner for the toughest grime. 

Purple Power Heavy-Duty Orange Hand Cleaner contains natural citrus oils that help remove stains from the toughest dirt, grease, grime, soils, resins, printers ink, paint and glue. Contains select premium skin conditioners, such as aloe, lanolin, glycerin and jojoba to soften and soothe dry cracked hands, leaving skin feeling smooth after use.

  • Use with or without water - wipe off with a towel or rinse off with water

  • Leaves a fresh and natural orange scent

  • Contains natural citrus oils

  • No petroleum solvents and non toxic

  • Available in either Pumice or Smooth formulas

Available in the following sizes:


7075P – 7.5 oz.

7015P – 15 oz.

7064P – 64 oz.

7128P – Gallon


6075S – 7.5 oz.

6015S – 15 oz.

6064S – 64 oz.

6128S - Gallon

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